Content Marketing

Marketing comes in all shapes and sizes these days. Marketing is nothing more than a fancy term for a dreaded word: selling, and selling in this day and age is not what it used to be, in the time of savvy consumers and quick access to information, catchy slogans and adverts with smiley people don’t cut it anymore. Consumers now look for knowledge and business on the Internet so businesses have to produce knowledge if they want to be taken seriously.

Let us give you just one figure:

78% of consumers believe that organizations providing custom content are interested in building good relationships
So, What does this mean anyway? It means that sales is dead and marketing as we know it is too. Organisations as well as SMBs or independent professionals shouldn’t be pouring cash into massive advertising campaigns any more, instead, they should focus on becoming publishers of content, that’s right, they should provide free quality unique content to the world and specialise in knowledge in their market and products if they want to be seen as an authority in their niche and be taken seriously by customers.

To sum up, content marketing is the creation of strategies and publishing of content to promote brands, done right will certainly put your name out there, which in turn will help you sell more as well as become a more knowledgeable company or professional.

And how can we help you with this? From supplying the right tools for content distribution such as blog platforms integrated in your website, content management system and social media distribution accounts to creating full-blown strategies to take your company from zero to have an important presence in the market, all trackable and measurable at every steps of the process.

We have many years of experience And know a thing or two about content marketing.

Whether as a part of a digital package or a standalone service I can help you be up there through content.

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