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Landing pages are the online equivalent of tv adverts, barring the approach people have to each one of them, the sought out end result is exactly the same: you want to create a burning desire to buy in the small window of opportunity you have been given to put your pitch out there.

Now, let’s break this down. Watching TV is a passive affair, you sit in front of a screen that throws content at you that you may or may not be interested in Therefore TV adverts look to creating an impulse based solely on fancy images and sounds in a tiny space of time There’s no rationality involved here let alone an accountable way of knowing who is actually interested in what you are selling.

On the Internet, however, people are actively looking for information they want, so they have a much higher level of expectation when browsing around, even if they’re looking into buying a specific product. Remember the time you spent about a week clueing yourself up in cameras before buying that 15 megapixel Olympus or taking that short getaway in that nice beachfront hotel?

So, of all the methods you have to put your products or services in front of potential buyers online, landing pages rank very highly for a number of well-documented reasons. A landing page is nothing more than a self-contained single webpage with thorough information about what you are selling and with a direct call to action.

Example of a great call to action (CTA) banner on a landing page.

Best of all, landing pages are accountable and there’s a lot of science and research about them. Done right, in most cases, they’re a sure way to increase your sales very quickly.

Let’s see some of their advantages:

1.- Total accountability: as in real time access to vital KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) such as conversion rates, return on investment, how visitors use your site (Linked to Inspeclect post) and cost per acquisition to name only a few.

2.- Targeted traffic: landing pages are usually promoted through PPC ads, email campaigns, social media or a combination of the three, in all cases you have total control on whom to target your efforts at.

3.- Yeah, Science! Landing pages have been one of those aspects of online advertising that have been researched the most There’s enough data and study on what works and what doesn’t, thanks to that, we know stuff such as what part of the screen people are more likely to spend longer reading or what colour of CTA button is more likely to get more clicks, yes! It’s a very exciting field for us geeks (linked to the science behind LP post).

4.- Cost effective: you have total control over ad spending here, a landing-page based campaign can be as big as you want it to be. From having videos shot with celebrities and virals all the way down to a simple informative page with a couple of photos of your products and a shopping cart, the good thing is that you’ll have full transparent information on your ROI at all times, and whether your company has deep pockets or you’re on a modest budget we can produce a world-class page that will get your message across.

5.- Data generation: see point one, the data generated during the time a landing page is live will not only allow you to have control over it whilst running but you’ll end up with a wealth of knowledge of your audience that would otherwise have cost you a lot of money.

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