End-to-end Website Creation

More than 20 years of experience building websites allow us to offer a thorough service of website development as well as making sure we keep up with the latest technologies and tendencies in website development.


The process starts off by meeting with the client and listening to their needs. This is probably the most important part of the process as the main direction is going to be decided at this stage, you will be asked some questions and also have the opportunity to talk about your expectations and concerns about what’s going to be your business´ digital storefront. We’ll look at your competitors and market and I will come up with a complete action plan to take you there. We really think this part of the process has to be taken seriously and I will make sure I understand your business or project well enough to produce a website that reflects what your brand stands for.


We don’t work with any predefined templates or set models, so there are really no limits here. Our websites are handcrafted from the beginning and every piece of code is carefully placed and tested to ensure it is in tune with the whole site. We also count on the help of cutting-edge tools to make sure production is done in a smooth and fluent fashion, thus achieving a perfect balance between good handcraftsmanship and fast results.


Making a great website is a job that involves many disciplines, and even though we have a good grasp of all the processes involved I cannot expect to be good at everything and for this reason we count on the help of some collaborators who look after some parts of the process so we can guarantee the best results. From content creators, translators and photographers to complex server-side applications hardcore server-side application programmers.


Our team and I work with a wide range of technologies to ensure good results, but above all, we believe that the best technologies are open and escalable so your website won’t be locked to one thing forever. We prefer to use the open source platform WordPress as the foundation stone of most of my projects which has that balance between being powerful and flexible without compromising performance and it is currently the choice of over 30% of websites out there on the Internet including prestigious brands such as TechCrunch, The New Yorker, Bloomberg and Sony Music among others.


Finally, if you are thinking in launching a top of the range website and have already weeded out the run-of-the-mill cheap options then perhaps we should have a chat, as well as trying to always keep an extremely professional attitude we’re also flexible, approachable people and love to sit down and have a coffee in person or over Skype and share ideas about your project and options with no commitment at your end whatsoever.


Shall we talk?

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