Wordpress Performance Optimisation

There are a number of reasons why online businesses fail to have enough targeted traffic, of all those there is one that’s often the most overlooked: speed. In a world where over 1 billion websites compete to stand out users won’t just simply wait around whilst your site loads, what is more, Google openly penalises sites that fail the 3 seconds mark and shuns them down the search results reducing their visibility even more.

A website has to load fast and painlessly. The user should be able to navigate seamlessly from page to page, elements on the page have to load gracefully and in an orderly manner to not just provide the best user experience but also to ensure that waiting time is kept to the absolute minimum.

Slow sites are normally sometimes due to poor quality, overloaded servers or more often than not to badly developed sites. There are many aspects a developer has to bear in mind from the moment he or she starts building a site. Some of them are the following:

  • Excess JavaScript in the wrong places
  • Unnecessary heavy images
  • Too many external files
  • Badly designed layout

We have extensive experience running and optimising WordPress sites, if you do have a WordPress site that has performance problems we can definitely help you fix this.

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